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API Documentation

The API Documentation module in a CRM system typically serves as a comprehensive resource for developers and users interested in integrating external applications or systems with the CRM platform. It contains detailed documentation on the available APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and instructions on how to interact with them.

Key components of an API Documentation module may include:

  1. Endpoints and Methods: A list of available API endpoints, along with the supported HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).
  2. Request and Response Formats: Detailed information on how to structure API requests, including required parameters and expected data formats. Additionally, information about the format of API responses.
  3. Authentication: Guidance on how to authenticate API requests, including details on API keys, tokens, or other authentication mechanisms.
  4. Error Handling: Information about possible error responses and how to handle them when integrating with the API.
  5. Code Samples: Practical examples and code snippets in various programming languages to assist developers in implementing API calls.


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