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Bulk Imports in Vryno CRM

Bulk Imports Data in Vryno CRM

Bulk Imports

Data may be acquired from a variety of sources, like buying a record database, gathering from campaigns and trade events, and so on. One of the most crucial lead-generation processes in any organization is the import of data from these external sources into Vryno CRM. Because of this, importing needs to be simple and should assist you in maintaining accurate data.

You can import all the data which you want to include in the CRM software with minimum clicks.

To import the data from your files to Vryno CRM

a. Hover over to ‘my profile’ and click once

b. Select the option ‘Bulk Import’


c. Select the module in which you wish to import data and click on the Import tab in the right corner.


d. Click on ‘Select Files’ and import the data you wish, Then click on Save to Import the selected data.


You can repeat the same steps to Import Data in bulk for all the other modules.