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How to create Contacts in Vryno CRM

Contact Management in Vryno CRM 

What are Contacts? 

Contacts in Vryno CRM refer to individuals or entities with whom a business interacts or has a relationship. They represent the key people or organizations that the business engages with, such as customers, prospects, partners, or suppliers. Contacts in Vryno CRM store relevant information like names, email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and other details that facilitate effective communication, relationship management, and customer engagement. 

Important Fields in Contacts Module 

Title: Title for the Contact (Mr. Ms., or Mrs.) 

First Name: First name of a contact 

Last Name: Last name of a contact. This is a mandatory field 

Email: Email address of the contact 

Phone Number: Phone Number of the contact 

Organization Name: Name of the Organization 

Job Title/Designation: The role of the contact in the Organization 

Owner: Assigning a user to a contact record makes them the owner of the record 


Steps to Create a Contact in Vryno CRM  


There are three ways to create a contact. 

  1. From the Contacts module 
  1. Using Quick Create 
  1. By importing 


Creating a Contact from the Contacts module  


Follow these steps to create a contact from the Contacts module: 

Step 1: Log in to your Vryno CRM account 

Step 2: Click on Contacts on the Top Menu Bar 

Step 3: Click on “+ Contact” 

Step 4: Fill the required details & click on Save or Save & New 


Creating a Contact from Quick Create:  


Quick Create is a handy option for creating records from anywhere in the CRM. You can identify Quick Create by the “+ icon” on the top bar of your CRM screen. 


Follow these steps to create a contact using Quick Create: 


Step 1: Log in to your CRM account 

Step 2: Click the + icon on the top of your CRM screen 

Step 3: Select Contacts, enter details and click on Save 


Creating a Contact from Bulk Import  


You can import multiple contacts at once using the Bulk Import Feature of Vryno CRM. 

To learn more, click here 


Contact Record Views  


Grid View  

List View  

Kanban View  

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