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How to create Leads in Vryno CRM

What are Leads?


An individual who has not yet become one of your customers is referred to as a lead. A “lead” is just your potential consumer, to put it simply. 

Of course, you want to gather and manage as much useful data about your leads as you can, and Vryno CRM has got you covered here. To better manage them, you can gather all of their data under one roof. 


Important Fields in Leads  


First Name: First name of a lead 

Last Name: Last name of a lead and this is a mandatory field 

Email: Email address of the lead 

Phone Number: Phone Number of the lead 

Company: Organization to which the lead is associated to 

Job Title/Designation: The role of the lead in their organization 

Owner: Assigning a user to a lead record makes them the owner of the record 

Creating a Lead:  


There are three ways to create a Lead. 

  1. From the Lead module 
  2. Using Quick Create
  3. By importing 

Steps to Create Leads from the Leads module


Follow these steps to create a lead from the Leads module: 


Step 1: Log in to your CRM account 

Step 2: Click on Leads on the Top Menu Bar 

Step 3: Click on “+ Lead” 

Step 4: Fill the required details & click on:

a. Save (You would be redirected to the saved lead preview), or

b. Save & New (You’ll be redirected to the new Lead Creation Page)


Steps to Create Leads from Quick Create:


What is Quick Create?


Quick Create is a handy option for creating records from anywhere in the CRM. You can identify Quick Create by the + icon on the top bar of your CRM screen. 

Follow these steps to create a lead using Quick Create: 


Step 1: Log in to your CRM account 

Step 2: Click on the Quick Create icon on the top and select Leads 

Step 3: Enter details and click on Save 

Steps to Create Leads through Bulk Import:  

You can import multiple leads at once using the Bulk Import Feature of Vryno CRM. 

To learn more, click here 

Types of Lead Module Views

  1. Grid View:


  1. List View:


  1. Kanban View:

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